Developing an app for your packers and movers business? Here are the critical features that you shouldn’t miss

The on-demand packers and movers app industry is moving to the next level in the market. As on-demand service apps are getting extremely popular in the market, entrepreneurs have launched an Uber for movers app. People have been using packers and movers services for several years and with the integration of technologies into the sector, it can go great heights. A recent report says that there is an increase in the number of people approaching mover and packers services to move out of their residential or office area. People mostly approach professionals for moving industrial goods, heavy machinery, and household goods.

How to build on-demand packers and movers app?

If you have a startup idea and planning to develop an app for it, then you should approach the experts in the field. Choosing the best development team will help you to climb up the ladder in the market, irrespective of the business. These apps are the support tools that help you to manage your business efficiently and offer simple solutions to complex issues. So let us dive into the features that should be integrated on on-demand packers and movers app.

The critical features of an on-demand movers and packers app:

Developing an on-demand application that will be used by thousands of people on a daily basis is not easy. Every customer’s needs must be dealt with and should offer value for their money. If you are keen on learning about the basic framework and characteristics of the application, keep reading!

The user panel:

User panel is the basic application that will be used by your customers. They will be able to place requests, look for services, update their profile, and communicate with the support team. They can also track their shipment in real-time and send directions with this application.


This is the first module of the on-demand packers and movers app. The users should register with their email addresses or phone numbers to start using the services

View profile/ edit profile:

Users can edit their profile with their personal information such as profile photo, alternate number, address, etc.

Placing a request:

The users will be asked to enter the delivery and pick up location details while placing a request. They will also be asked to enter the address manually in the address section.

Payment options:

The customers can choose their preferred mode of payment from credit card, debit card, and PayPal.

The admin panel:

This application is specifically designed for admins to manage the overall operations of the business with effective tools.

The main features in the admin panel are:


Admin can oversee the overall operations and can select specific user’s activity to monitor them. This can be helpful to deal with orders and to complete the request placed by the user within the allotted time

Customer management:

They can track and monitor the user’s accounts to place orders and to clear user queries on orders undertaken by the team.

Driver management:

The driver/delivery executive profiles can be managed here, Their payouts, schedules, and activities can be tracked.

Payment manager:

Admin can track the pending payments, future payments, and driver’s payout in this module.

Vehicle manager:

The vehicle that are used to move packages can be monitored here. Every truck will have a GPS tracking chip to monitor its activities. Elements like distance traveled, average fuel consumption, fleet quality, etc., can be monitored from here.

The driver panel:

This application is exclusively designed for truck drivers. It offers flexibility and convenience by helping them manage the basic operations and by sending location details and essential notifications.

Some of the critical features include:

Sign up/log in:

Drivers will be prompted to register their account on the application before starting to work. The model is similar to that of user panel but apart from email address and phone number, additional details like license, vehicle registration documents, etc., will be asked to verify them.

Receive payment:

Once an order is assigned to the driver, the location details will be sent to them and the map route will be updated. After delivering the package at the drop off location, they will receive payment directly into their bank accounts.

In a nutshell:

These are the basic features that are needed in the on-demand packers and movers app. If you have any queries about the development process and cost of the application, get in touch with a packers and movers app development team to learn more

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