Five curated steps to develop an on-demand babysitting service app

In this digital age, the cost of living is high in metropolitan cities. As a result of this, both parents work in the majority of households to manage their expenses. As time is scarce, they often find it challenging to supervise their children. The need for babysitting has increased significantly in recent years and has given rise to a whole new service provider segment. The integration of technology in babysitting has cleared the doubts and hesitation that have existed earlier in people’s minds.
The Uber for babysitters app provides advantages to both nannies and parents equally. It manages the babysitting services in an organized fashion as it lets the parents find nannies on-time. The app’s flexibility options make it easier for parents to hire a nanny for shorter periods or extend the time when the necessity arises. We have curated the five steps for entrepreneurs to follow before developing their on-demand babysitting app.

Step 1:

Research the market and learn more about the existing babysitting apps:

We don’t recommend you jumping right into the development process. It would be best if you had a basic idea about the market you are about to enter to place their feet firmly. Start by learning about your competitors’ apps and services. Make a list of apps that offer similar services to get a clear idea of the current market scenario and the drawbacks in their services.

Step 2:

Define things that add to your babysitting app’s USP:

Currently, there are more than a hundred apps in the market that claim themselves as the “Uber for nannies app.” Each of the foremost service providers in the market has a unique strength as its USP. Analyze your business model and decide your competitive advantage. Offering something extraordinary to your customers will help to take on your rivals efficiently. For instance, you could try onboarding multi-lingual nannies to teach the children an additional language while babysitting. You can also offer real-time video streaming of your service via a baby monitor for the parents.

Step 3:

Find your ideal development team:

The importance of teaming up with the right development team will add up half of your app’s success. Building a simple babysitting app might be easy, but that’s not the case when you offer services to a broader audience. Building a marketplace that caters to the needs of users is technically tricky. To sail through this challenging phase without any hassles, hire a professional development team. Your team should consist of business analysts, designers, front-end developers, backend developers, quality assurance engineers, and project managers. The team members will increase based on the scale of your application. While they take care of the development part, you can work on strengthening your partnerships, strategic questions, marketing, etc.

Step 4:

Decide on the MVP features of your app

As an entrepreneur, you must be aware of the importance of MVP features on an app. It is done for the sole purpose of launching the application in the shortest possible time. You can also consider launching the beta version of your application and ask for user feedback to improve your app. By going through the user feedback, you can develop your app efficiently and launch as a full-featured application. Here is a list of commonly added features in an MVP that you could suggest for your Uber for babysitters app development team:

  • Social media plugins integration
  • Recommendations/Rating
  • Chat feature
  • Push notifications
  • Geolocation
  • Search filters
  • In-app payments

Step 5:

Integrating advanced features:

The unfortunate reason for the failure of most startups in the market is their lack of innovative features. Your efforts to integrate exclusive features will get rewarded with a boost in user engagement and revenue in the long run. Design a roadmap for adding features in your app’s future versions. It is not recommended to run behind numbers instead focus on offering intuitive features.


The market isn’t overheated yet with similar apps. Discuss your ideas with your on-demand babysitters app development team to learn about its feasibility. Launching your fully-loaded babysitting app now is nothing short of astounding.

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